Today we are here with the tips for sticking to your new diet as a gift for the new year!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope everyone had fun celebrating! My day was actually kinda quiet. I took a day off work (I work from home, so no boss to call :p ), and snuggled onto the couch with some cross stitching and threw on a youtube playlist. I guess I was way more tired than I thought though because I never made it to midnight. hehe

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With it being the new year, that means resolutions have been made and new diets are going to start. I’ve given up on dieting resolutions, only because I need to get my thyroid condition and gluten intolerance into check, first.

My resolution is to cut back on gluten more and more until it’s just about non-existent in the food I consume. Trust me, this is going to be way harder than it sounds. hehe, I love sandwiches and so far, I haven’t tried a gluten-free bread that holds a candle to traditional bread. hehe but that’s my battle.

But for those that are starting a new eating plan, I’ve made a list of tips for helping you stick to your new diet. These are things that have helped me in the past and when I go back to eating primal low carb, I’ll be following them again!

Tips for Sticking to Your New Diet

Keep Things Simple

It’s easier to maintain a healthy way of eating as well as keep life on track by keeping your menu simple. This doesn’t mean you just have to eat the same exact meals over and over again – but do consider keeping meals that take a lot of time and money to prepare, to only 1 or 2 times a week.

Pinterest is LOADED with a never-ending supply of recipes to try out. Seriously, Pinterest is my favorite place for recipes, especially regarding foods that will fit certain eating plans. It leads me to so many incredible blogs with numerous tasty dishes.

But as awesome as it is, at least for me, it also makes me feel like every dinner needs to be something big and fancy. Zucchini lasagna for Monday, stuffed cheeseburger meatloaf for Tuesday, a big fancy protein-packed salad Wednesday, and so on.

I don’t have a budget to cook like that, plus, I work a lot, so I stick to foods that work for multiple meals, can be made multiple ways, and I know I won’t get sick of them.

Keep it simple! This is about getting you to stick to your new diet, not proving that you can be Julia Child and Martha Stewart all rolled into one.

Ditch Bad Foods

Unless you’re actually going to throw out or give away all the food that doesn’t fit into your new diet, come up with a plan on how you can use it with your family. If you’re making a pasta dish, such as spaghetti – make the spaghetti noodles for your kids and try your hand at making zoodles for yourself.

If you’re making lunches for your child or spouse, use the last of the ‘bad’ foods for those meals. Who doesn’t enjoy opening their lunchbox to see a couple of cookies or a few chips to go with their sandwich, of course be sure to throw in some veggies or other healthy snacks as well, to even it out.

Overall, don’t waste what you already have – if this isn’t a full family new way of eating, at least use up the foods you already have when making meals for your loved ones. Then, once all the garbage is gone, you can just stock your cupboards with healthy snacks everyone loves. There’s no more temptation to eat the bad foods if they’re no longer in your house.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

It’s so easy to forget that drinks have calories. Drinking is like breathing, it’s just something we do. Open the fridge and grab some milk or juice, soda, an energy drink or even brew some coffee. Once you start actively trying to lose weight, you might have a big surprise when you see how many calories you’re racking up from drinks all day.

Remember – there are no calories in water, your body needs the stuff to run smoothly, and it’s delicious. hehe I know the delicious part may not be believed by everyone, but I love it. There are so many ways to dress it up, as well, give it a little flavor, but keep still keep the calories low.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

It doesn’t matter when you’re starting your new diet, New Years or the summer, you may forget some of the smaller things you eat. Everyone knows to switch their their main meals and snacks accordingly to the meal plan they’re following.

But mindless eating can definitely throw your weight loss goals off. Someone made popcorn – take a few pieces. You go to an appointment and there’s a bowl of M&M’s – so you take a few of those. A piece or two of cheese while you’re cutting it up for dinner. Even though it seems like a small little nothing here and there, all that picking adds up to real calories.

Also – making small changes to what you consume will help you lose calories as well. Watch how much butter or salad dressing you use. Switch from whole milk to skim. Load up your oatmeal with fresh fruit or nuts instead of sugar and cinnamon (well, you can still have the cinnamon!).

It’s not hard to stick to a new diet as long as you have your head in the game and do a little prepping and planning. It’s great to revamp your way of eating and make yourself healthier. And that’s what I hope for everyone in 2016 – a healthier you!