March 3 is “I Want You To Be Happy” Day and to help you celebrate, we’ve written up some Helpful Tips for Spreading Happiness.

Most of us want other people to be happy. We send them wishes and prayers and blessings. We tell them to have a nice day. But “I Want You to Be Happy” Day asks us to do a little more – to put ourselves where our mouth is, so to speak. Spreading happiness to others doesn’t only help them – it helps you. Doing something nice for someone makes you feel good inside, bringing happiness and positive energy into your own life. If we all made a point of living that way, the changes in this world could be truly amazing!

There are so many ways to bring a smile to someone’s day and we hope that these Helpful Tips for Spreading Happiness will not only give you ideas but inspire you to think up even more things you can do.

1. Send an email. – We all have such busy lives, it is easy to fall out of touch with people. If there is someone in your life you haven’t made contact with for a while, today is a great day to do it!

2. Write a letter by hand. – Same concept as email, but better. Not only will that certain someone hear from you, but in a form that they can hold in their hands. It’s so much more personal!

3. Volunteer. – There are many places that rely on the help of volunteers. If you’re not sure how to begin, Volunteer Match is a great place to help you get started. Activities like helping to bring warm meals to the homeless, reading to the elderly, or taking a shelter dog for a walk are only a few examples of things you can do.

4. Smile. – What could be easier than that, really? It makes such a big difference to others when you smile at them as if you are genuinely happy they exist. You never know when that smile you bestow upon someone in a store or on the bus is the one thing they needed most of all.

5. Compliment someone. – When I’m out in the world, I try to acknowledge the goodness and beauty I see. It helps me stay mindful of others. I love to see someone’s face light up when I tell them how much I love the necklace or shirt. Or how cool I think their dreadlocks are. Hearing a good, honest compliment can bring a smile to someone’s spirit for days.

6. Think kindly about yourself. – It can be tough to spread happiness to others if you are miserable inside of yourself. While we all have bad days, and we all go through hard times, thinking kindly about ourselves is always a good thing to do. Nothing can be gained by telling yourself mean and hurtful things. As Stuart Smalley says, “You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!”

7. Let someone else go first. – When driving, let someone else into your lane. When in the store, if someone has fewer items than you, let them in line before you. At work, let a coworker do their printing first, or give them first dibs on the snack machine. Sometimes, those four little words, “Go ahead, it’s okay” can do so much for someone.

8. Be there. – When someone talks to you, listen to them. Don’t just think about what you’ll say next – really listen. And when hard times hit and you don’t know what to say, that is okay. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just to let them know you care and you are there.

We hope this list will inspire you to bring more happiness to others – not just on March 3, but all year round. If you have some Helpful Tips for Spreading Happiness you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Wishing you a wonderful “I Want You To Be Happy” Day!