I have to admit, I’ve never been a Star Wars fan. The original three came out before I was ever born (and I’ve never watched them), and I saw 2 of the newer ones (one in high school on a date and then one in college on a date). So…I have a pattern dating nerdy geeky boys. Hehe.

May the Fourth - Star Wars Snowflakes | Let's Celebrate Everything

But just because Star Wars isn’t my own fandom of choice, doesn’t mean I don’t like to make cool crafts for others whose it is.

My original venture into Star Wars snowflakes came up purely by chance. While going through the ‘everything’ section of Pinterest, the patterns happened to pop up. It seemed perfect. I wanted to give my fella something to cheer him up and I had plenty of paper and time on my hands. So while he was out working, I walked to the store and bought an Xacto knife. I returned home on a mission!

This was my first ever attempt at ‘adult’ snowflakes. Some of these patterns are so intricate and require some serious attention to detail. So if you try them, be prepared for that! They do take extra time to cut out, but spending that time seriously pays off – they look awesome!

While my fella was gone to class and work all day, it gave me the time it took to cut out all of these. I must say, I was pretty darn impressed with how they turned out for my first attempt! That night, when my fella was getting ready for bed, I slipped the Boba Fett snowflake into his knife bag, which I knew he would need to open and use when he got to school (culinary school – he’s a chef! 😀 ).

The next morning, after he left, I taped the others to the sliding glass door. Later on, I received a text with a kissy face, so I knew he got the snowflake. He said it really made his day better. <3 When he came home, he saw that I decorated the whole door in snowflakes of various characters.

For some it might be off putting up fandom themed decorations, but trust me, they pair nicely with the Lego Star Wars things we have up on the bookshelf not far from that door.

These are a great way to spread some May the Fourth cheer with people. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, to give someone a smile and the power of the force!

There are way more patterns than what I did here. You’ll find all of the patterns here on – Matters of Grey – Star Wars Snowflakes

What do you plan on doing to celebrate May the Fourth? Are you or your kids big Star Wars fans? Have you attempted nerdy snowflakes for any fandom before?

I have to admit….I’m eyeballing the Doctor Who snowflakes. They’re next on my list!