When I was a kid, I was fortunate to grow up in a town, were not that far away was a drive-in movie theater called Hathaways. It was such a thrill in the summer, when my mom would load up my brother and myself in the car, and the three of us would try to stay up and watch both movies. I think my mom was the only one that ever did.

For some reason, the movie ‘Indian in the Cupboard’ stands out the most. I recall reading the book in school and loving it. I didn’t like the movie though, and throughout the movie, I kept telling my mom the differences. I remember being fascinated that she loved the movie. How could she!? It was probably because of the book thing. To this day I’m terrible about being that person that declares ‘The book was better!’ hehe

Even as a teenager I’d go to the drive-ins with friends or my boyfriend. It was awesome. Labor Day weekend was the best time to go because they played 4 movies (it has since been reduced to only 3 movies). The movies didn’t stop until 5 or 6 in the morning. That was their closing weekend special until they opened again next summer.

One of the things I remember the most about Hathaway’s was that right along the fence for the drive-in, was a house. Old house. Two stories. The bedroom on this particular side of the house could clearly see the screen, pointed right at it. I fantasized about this house. Oh my god, how awesome would it have been to have that as my bedroom? To tune my radio to the AM station that broadcast the audio for the movie, and then to sit back and relax. New movies every weekend.

Since high school, I haven’t been to a drive-in. Hathaway still stands and I’m grateful that my nephew gets to experience the fun of watching movies under the stars.

On June 06, 1933, the very first drive-in movie theater opened. Today, there are less than 500 still open and operational. Seeing not everyone has the chance of getting to go to one of these summertime spots, why not celebrate Drive-In Movie Day by bringing the theater to you!

I have some great cardboard box car tutorials to share that will give you plenty of ideas on how to make fun cards for your living room. Some of them even have instructions on how to add things like baskets or trays to hold snacks.

Making the cars is something your kids can definitely get in on. You may need to do the cutting and construction, but let the kids go to town by decorating the cardboard box car the way they want it to look. Don’t forget to personalize their license plate!

Thirty or not, I’m tempted to make one of these babies for myself! Although I’ll be honest, as soon as I got out of it, Mao (my cat) would steal it and I’d have to go back to sitting on the couch like an adult. :/

What movies and snacks are your family going to enjoy for Drive-in Movie Day?

Little Red Window – 45 Minute Cardboard Box Car – awesome photo tutorial for this sweet ride

Craftster – user sweets4ever – Drive-in movie night (cardboard box reconstructed) This is the first cardboard box car I saw, a few years ago on Craftster.org and I’ve always been in love with it!

JB Mum of One – How to Make a Cardboard Box Car – this little windshield is squee-worthy!

Not Just a House Wife – Cardboard Cars for a Homemade Drive-In Theater – this is the cardboard box car for duct tape lovers

The Metzgars – http://themetzgars.blogspot.com/2011/04/movie-night.html – this offers some great decorated cars, with optionl flames!

Love Sweet Love – Drive-in Movie Cars – requires grownup hands for the hot glue gun action

Five Little Chefs – Cardboard Box Cars – moar cars!

The Princess and her Cowboys – Drive-in Theater Menu – she offers a printable menu and a fun way for kids to earn tickets to ‘purchase’ their snacks for the movies

Five Little Chefs – Drive-in Food – once the cars are made, it’s time to decide on what yummy treats to offer