Every cat I’ve ever had has been adopted – although, admittedly, they were often the ones adopting me. I haven’t gone to shelters to get them, simply because I haven’t needed to. Kitties needing a home have simply made their way to me, and I’ve always made room for them in my life.

If you are in need of a kitty in your life, June is the perfect time to adopt one! Adopt-a-Cat Month is all about finding homes for as many of our feline friends as possible.

I am currently owned by a beautiful orange gentleman by the name of Tigger. That is not his picture above. Tigger doesn’t cat-smile quite like that – he is much too dignified. Tigger is also known as the “Mighty Hunter Cat” and in the winter, he is often dubbed, “Tigger Snow Paws.”

Tigger came to us about seven years ago. He originally belonged to a friend of my daughter, but had been kicked out of their house because her step-dad had gotten a dog and the dog didn’t like Tigger.

He preferred to be outdoors anyway, and roamed the field and forest behind our house, hunting birds and mice and dining on them. (That is one thing I’ve always loved about him, actually. He doesn’t hunt for sport. He actually eats his kills.) My daughter worked hard to earn money to get him neutered and to get his shots, and he became our cat. He chose us as much as we chose him.

Nowadays, we live in a neighborhood. The lawns are large and there is plenty of room to roam, but we no longer have that big field behind us. That’s okay, though. Tigger is now around eight years old and he has a pretty large cataract in one eye. He’s still healthy and active, but he has slowed down just a touch and sticks a lot closer to home nowadays.

He still goes out and hunts for food and I am so impressed with him whenever he manages to catch a bird. I will admit, I don’t really like it – I am an animal lover and it hurts my heart a little when I see that. But, cats are hunters by nature and I love my hunter boy. I wouldn’t want to stop him from being who he is for any reason.

Here’s to a good long life, my Tigger! Thank you for coming in to our lives!