B A C O N!! Lots of people love it. What was once just considered a breakfast food, is now a salty treat enjoyed at any meal. In a previous post, I covered a bunch of ways to enjoy bacon in all types of recipes, including desserts. But to celebrate Bacon Day today, December 30th this year, I thought some bacon themed craft projects would be perfect!

Crocheting, knitting, embroidery, and even working with clay is covered in this list of crafts. I made #6 for a couple kids this past spring – (I was in a craft swap and their mum’s asked for crocheted play food).

Do you have a love for bacon you need to express in a crafty way? What bacon crafts have you done or would like to do? (P.S. – I love pictures!)

Bacon themed projects

1 – Spot Colors – True Love: Bacon and Eggs! – embroidery pattern

2 – Crochet Dynamite – Bacon Baby Blanket 2.0

3 – Imagine Gnats – DIY Felt Bacon and Eggs Ornaments

4 – Moogly – Bacon and Eggs Pillow

5 – Red Heart – Holiday Ripple Garland

6 – Drops Design – Bacon & Eggs – crocheted play food

7 – Ewe Ewe – Knit Santa Bacon

8 – Invent My Universe – Polymer Clay Bacon Ornament

9 – Drunken Aunt Wendy Designs – Bacon Scarf

10 – Crochetions – (another) Bacon Scarf