Here at Let’s Celebrate Everything, we believe that life is meant to be celebrated – each and every day of it. We love the big holidays – Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah. We think St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, and Cinco de Mayo are a blast. We even love to celebrate the odd and random holidays like Ask a Stupid Question Day, or Sarcasm Month (like we couldn’t see that coming!). We love them all.

Your hosts here at Let’s Celebrate Everything are a couple of eclectic women with varied enough interests that you just never know what we might get up to next. One moment, you might find an in depth article about the history of our favorite Halloween traditions.

The next, you might learn the perfect way to make a S’mores dip that you can make in your own kitchen, or how to make a cat litter cake. You might even find the occasional holiday themed piece of fiction or poem.

We hope you’ll check things out and be inspired to celebrate your days. When it comes to a party – the more, the merrier. Here at Let’s Celebrate Everything, we have one goal – to have a good time!