How to Lowkey Dress Like Rainbow Brite

Your wardrobe should have some personality! For spring, dress like Rainbow Brite – the coolest cartoon girl in the 80s! When you don’t wanna go over the top like it’s ComicCon, go low-key!

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I’m putting y’all on warning – lots of things from my childhood coming up, because frankly – there were some pretty awesome things around what I was a kid – and honestly, they’re still pretty rad.

First up, Rainbow Brite. ♥ A magical girl bringing color to a land that’s all gray. Hello! – maybe this is where my love for colors stemmed from. I remember snuggling into my grandparents couch to watch Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, where this girl rides her gorgeous white horse and is joined in adventures with the sprites and Color Kids. Everything about her world was incredible and I wanted to be there.

The other day I was shopping around and happened across this gorgeous handmade Rainbow Brite corset that had been made using a vintage sheet. I fell in love right there. When I was a kid, I always wanted those Rainbow Brite sheets! One of my friends had them and every sleepover, I wished I owned them too.

Even though the corset is completely amazing, it’s not exactly something that would fit into my usual wardrobe. It did however, inspire me to come up with this awesome low-key way to dress like Rainbow Brite! Inside, I can feel like the magical girl herself while I practically hop down the road in my blue sundress and rainbow flip-flops. Anyone that knows me, knows I live in flip flops – so these are totally up my alley.

It’s not cosplay – it’s a cute spring outfit!

How to Lowkey Dress Like Rainbow Brite

Blue Sundress |Red Belt | Rainbow Flip-Flops | Gold Star Necklace | Plum hair bow | Unicorn Bag

Let’s talk about the bag – I know Rainbow Brite’s horse Starlite wasn’t a unicorn ….but look at this bag! It’s super cute, unicorns are awesome, and yeah. That’s it. It’s all around awesome. Sorry. Your argument is invalid.

Also – Yay! Amazon’s got this tank dress in plus sizes (hullo muh peeps!) – so we can all be rockin’ that 80s rainbow fierceness when we dress like Rainbow Brite.


How to Lowkey Dress Like Rainbow Brite

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