25 Cute and Crafty Handmade Donuts You Need in Your Life

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I have an obsession with things that are kawaii, pink, and….cute! As much as I love a Boston cream donut for a treat, I love these crafty handmade donuts even more. It’s something about the pink frosting and sprinkles – they make the girlie in me squee with delight!

1. Get this pastry parade going with this cute donut wallpaper.

Technically this is a Valentine wallpaper, but seriously – you don’t need a special day to celebrate how you feel about donuts. And if you get the wallpaper without the calendar, you can show that your donut love is eternal. Plus, it’s friggin cute with all of those heart sprinkles!

2. Snack healthier with mini frozen yogurt donuts that are super simple to make.

Tired of people telling you to ease up on eating these frosted round pieces of Heaven? First, what do they know about love? And second, you can enjoy donuts all day and night with this low-cal, gluten-free frozen yogurt variety!

3. & 4. Calling all donut loving, coffee drinking, cat ladies! This mug and these crocheted donut coasters are for you.

It really goes without saying, but cute cats, caffeine, and sprinkles make the world go ’round. …and where better to set your piping hot mug, but on these handmade crochet donut coasters.

5. Watercolors + Donuts = Classy AF

Now that you’re an adult you can swap out the posters from Tiger Beat (seriously, I can’t believe this magazine is still being published – I loved it when I was a teen!) – and hang up those classy art pieces, such as this beautiful watercolor donut.

6. The ‘Hang in There’ kitten is out – Donut positivity is in.

Looking for some positivity in your life? Grace your walls with this donut printable that will remind you that everything’s going to be a-okay.

7. Serve some drinks and apps on this DIY donut tray that will impress guests.

Your walls aren’t the only thing that will benefit from having a donut makeover – this DIY and super easy to make donut tray is just what you need! You can use it in the kitchen, as a stylish piece on your desk, or even on your vanity to hold your makeup or jewelry. Seeing the pink frosting and sprinkles will start your day off bright and shiny.

8. Your butt deserves one of these DIY donut stools to use as it’s throne.

Once you see how easy it is to make these donut stools, you’re going to want to stock up on vinyl. You definitely need to make a baker’s dozen and invite you friends over for a donut party!

9. Your makeup game is on point – Your makeup bag should be as well.

I’m in love with this makeup bag! Not only is it handmade with this super cute donut fabric, but you can actually hold stuff in it. So many times I have found cute makeup bags but they were only big enough for a couple eyeshadows and some lipstick. Not this one! This baby has got you covered for your full face routine. Plus, if you whip this out in front of your friends, you know they’re going to be totally jealous.

10. This donut headband is perfect for combatting bad hair days.

This headband of donutty goodness will have you lookin’ like the rockstar you always are. AKA – no more bad hair days with this in your arsenal!

11. OMG! Donut Minnie Ears for the win!

Got a sweet tooth for Disney? Going to one of the Disney parks soon? Then this donut Minnie ears headband is a must have! There are so many different mouse ear headbands out there that everyone is able to show off their personality – and thankfully, for use that love pink and sprinkles, these ears are perfect!

12. Make these super cute donut hairclips. Your hair deserves to be spoiled.

If headbands aren’t your thing, then decorate your locks with these donut bobby pins. These clay cuties are sitting in a cloud of frosting, that’ll give your look a sugar rush!

13. This t-shirt lets everyone know you plan to stay in a good mood.

Need something comfy for Netflix and chill with your girl or fella? This unisex ‘Donut Kill My Vibe’ t-shirt pairs perfectly with comfy PJ pants. Jeans are cool too 😉

14. GET YO PAINT! We’re making donut shoes!

Not every store can have the shoes of your dreams – thank god for paint! DIY your way into these super cute donut inspired wedges. Find yourself a pair of white shoes you like and then go to town painting them into something sweet.

15. You’ll never get your panties in a wad with this super cute highwaisted pair.

I have a friend who swears that new panties make her feel better. If she’s having a bad day, she buys something new and frilly and it perks her right up. Treat yo’ self with these high-waisted donut panties that are made to order. I see London, I see France….

16. Fill your need for jewelry by making THIS sweet piece.

That paint you needed for the donut inspired shoes, you’re going to need it again for this wood bead necklace. Make a statement and make others hungry as you pair this DIY necklace with your outfits – doesn’t matter if you’re going to the office or going shopping – flaunt that donut love.

17. Have you heard – shrinky dinks aren’t just for kids! Yas queen!

Crafters everywhere are creating some seriously cool things with the plastic craft – including this must-make donut charm bracelet. Coloring is totally in right now, so break out your markers and make something you will love. Also, makes a great gift for you donut lovin’ BFF.

18. Get these donut earrings. Your earlobes will thank you.

Your donut love accessories don’t have to be big and loud if that’s not your style. Check out these donut stud earrings. The sprinkles are so tiny! And really look at the donut, the texture is incredibly real looking, but FYI, the taste isn’t!

19. & 20. Let your cat get drunk on ‘nip filled donuts while your dog looks dapper in his donut patterened collar.

Our furry loved ones can share in the donut frenzy, too. Make your kitties a catnip filled felt stuffy that will send them into donut bliss. Dress your pooch in a donut themed collar – made for dogs of all sizes. #bodypositivepooches

21. *SQUEE* How can you not have a big kitty cat donut pillow plushy in your life?!

Okay – this has to be my all-time favorite thing on this list. First, I love kawaii stuff. Second, hello, donuts. Put them together and you have the cutest big ol’ pillow ever!

22. But lets be honest with ourselves – we need more than just 1 cat plush – we need atleast a half dozen.

This 6 pack of mini donut stuffies is exactly what you need. Keep them all or share them with your friends. Unless they like muffins more than donuts. Boo muffins!

23. If you’d rather make your own stuff , then donut fabric is for you.

Make all the things! A skirt would be so cute! Or a sundress! A pair of panties with lace trim. And a matching bag. And…and…and….!

24. Donut washi tape is the craft supply of the gods.

Spread some glazed and frosted love all over with donut washi tape! Not only can you use it to decorate just about everything, but it would be awesome to use on brown paper wrapped gifts!

25. Let loose with your friends and play this DIY donut version of Twister.

It’s so simple to make! Turn this classic game into a sweet memory. Find that perfect wine that pairs with sprinkles and let the good times roll!

Cute Handmade DIY Donuts


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