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Fall is only a couple days away! I still can’t believe summer is over. As much as I wouldn’t mind a couple more weeks of it, I’m really looking forward to the cool air, the leaves changing colors, and getting to break out my cardigans for the season. The first day of Fall is the 22nd, but it’s also Ice Cream Cone Day – so as a way to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall, I’m making pistachio no churn ice cream!

When I was younger, I remember going to the library and taking out this book, it was the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cookbook. I’m from Vermont, so – Ben & Jerry’s is kinda ingrained in me. But looking through this book, I thought I’d be able to make all sorts of delicious concoctions. I probably would have been able to as well, but at 12, I didn’t really think things through – so I had no ice cream maker, no ingredients, and nothing more than the book. It was a mouth-watering read but it made me think ice cream was so hard to make!

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found a million and one ways to make ice cream, flavors to play with, and a ton of ways to serve it. Other recipes turned me on to the ‘no churn’ ice cream method and that’s what I’ve made here. It only takes a few ingredients and some patience to make this out of this world creamy, nutty, concoction.

Break out the ice cream cones – because if you have ever needed an excuse to have ice cream, this is it!


Pistachio ice-cream

Recipe below!

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You don’t need me to tell you cupcakes are absolutely delicious. All fluffy, sweet, and oh-so flavorful. Unfortunately, I have a gluten intolerance, so unless I wanna fall into a gluten coma, I have to try and avoid eating anything with wheat flour. Keyword, try. Sometimes I just can’t help but succumb to a sandwich or one of these moist cupcakes.

Aldi puts out both a chocolate and a vanilla cupcake mix in their Live G Free line of gluten free foods. So when the cuppy cake craving hits me and I actually treat my gluten-hating tummy right, I have something that will fill my sweet tooth.

pumpkin cupcake toppers

These cute white chocolate pumpkin cupcake toppers work on any kind of cupcake. (Don’t be a smart alec and ask me if they’ll work on meatloaf cupcakes. I’m watchin’ you… 😉 ) They’re cute and perfect for any fall holiday, including Halloween! You don’t need to have killer drawing skills to make these, plus, colored sugar crystals cover almost any imperfection.

Wanna know how to make them?

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When I was a teenager and even into my 20’s, I was never real big on sweets. Don’t get me wrong, if someone offered me a slice of cheesecake, I would be 100% on board, but I was never the type to crave candy, cookies, cake, none of that. Now that I’m in my early 30’s, that’s changed. I totally want something sweet after I eat. Nothing big, but a nice piece of chocolate or something, just to cut any grease and cap off the meal.

My tight budget has been a driving force into some pretty cheap but delicious treats. It’s a great feeling to know I can whip something up that not just myself, but others will enjoy as well. That’s where this Rocky Road Fudge recipe comes from. Not only is it a great treat just to make when you have a sweet tooth, but it is great for gift giving as well! No one can resist homemade fudge. This is definitely something to pin for when Christmas gift-giving season rolls around!


Come get some fudge!

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This is another one of those posts where I’m lusting after a delicious treat that’s not in my area. I lived in Washington for a few years and a friend of mine totally got me hooked on Jamba Juice. Now that I’m back on the east coast, there’s no Jamba Juice anywhere near me. I think I’d have to drive an hour to go to one and sorry, but no smoothie is worth that trip. lol So instead of that journey, I love making my own smoothies at home. It covers the three important things – healthy, filling, and totally delicious.

There are so many different varieties of smoothies – the possibilities are seriously endless. Toss in a liquid, ice, fruit and veggies and you’ve got yourself something magnificent. I just love ’em – especially when I don’t want to deal with making anything for breakfast. It’s so easy to just throw all of my ingredients into the blender, turn it on, and then pour it into my glass and sip on it all morning while I’m working. This Triple Berry Smoothie is so good. It’s my 2nd favorite smoothie. My ultimate favorite includes pineapple and strawberries – another recipe I’ll have to share later!

I had blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries on hand to make this one. Normally, I prefer to use raspberries instead of blueberries but that wasn’t in the cards yesterday. But the blueberries were delicious – I don’t regret adding them. (and I only say that because I’m not a huge blueberry fan).

If you’re looking for something healthy and delicious for breakfast, this triple berry smoothie is the answer!

Do you have a favorite smoothie? Do you like to add greens to your smoothies?


triple berry smoothies

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My food budget is tight. Okay, all of my budgets are tight but at times, food is where I make the most of my cuts. I have to supplement part of my food with a trip to the food bank. It’s something I never thought I’d have to do, but times have been tough so I had to let down my pride and go. I’m actually going to write more about my food bank experiences in October, when it’s National Food Bank week. But between going to the food bank and having a slim grocery shopping budget, I have become a pro at cheap and frugal meals as well as some real basic but delicious dishes. It’s all about being creative!

One of my favorite cheap meals is fried rice. It’s one of those dishes where you can add all kinds of odds and ins, making some unique and memorable dinners. I’m a total sucker for Chinese food. Omg, if I was rich and didn’t care about what I was eating, I would be getting myself some veggie lo mein, an egg roll, and crispy chicken or orange chicken. lol Just talking about it is making me hungry. But, seeing it’s not always in my budget, I fill my hunger for Chinese takeout with homemade fried rice. I also love making homemade stir fry too, I’ll have to post that recipe sometime, too.

But fried rice is easy peasy – rice, veggies, leftover meat (which is optional), some garlic, an egg, and soy sauce (or coconut aminos). I myself prefer coconut aminos – they don’t have any soy in them, they’re gluten-free, and it’s nowhere near as salty as regular soy sauce. I first started cooking with coconut aminos a few years back when I was eating a pretty strict primal diet. It’s so good! I love just throwing some kale and bell pepper slices in a pan with a couple dashes of coconut aminos – it’s such an awesome side dish.

If you’re looking for a quick and yummy meal and don’t have the money for takeout, this Easy Fried Rice recipe will surely fill you up and leave you satisfied. It’s so simple and good even kiddos will love it. It’s also a meal where the leftovers taste just as good as the night you made it – if you have any leftovers that is!

chicken and vegetable fried rice